"Praesagium" has finally been released this October 2017!


By on October 21, 2017

I remember long ago, In days of youth
I became a man, when I found the truth
My mother said that I must pass the test
Put childish things away and leave the nest

And in the dark her looming shadow came
And placed my hand into a box of pain
She said I must endure, find a way to cope
Raging fire inside and needle at my throat

Yeah she’s a witch
And she’s nearly got a hold of me
Yeah she’s a witch
Probing depths of insanity
Tearing at me, like a succubus, God help me
Find inner strength to repel this enemy
Yeah she’s a witch
Her eyes burn inside of me
Yeah she’s a witch
Testing every insecurity
But my will is strong and you’re blind ’cause you can’t see
I was born from a witch so you’ll never take control of me

Silently through space, into a world of sand
In a foreign place where I’d make my stand
Awake from sleep from water I’d imbibed
Rising up to lead a chosen tribe

And as I grow and look upon the sky
I know what fate has brought yet no reason why
I feel the worms below, I hear my father’s voice
And what she woke in me, left a path with no choice


I feel the sister’s fear, weapon of sound
You can’t control a power with no bounds
You had your doubts, I wasn’t as you planned
But space and time are forces that I’ve spanned

And as I ride the beasts of your demise
I see the soldiers fall upon our battle cries
There’s no escape, you know the time has come
On a new crusade, unite them all as one


When kings fall, the righteous, must make haste,
To fill the, void left wide, by abdication,
Lest mistakes repeat again, again, again

Burn witch, burn.
Twisting and turning the fire is burning.
Burn witch.