"Praesagium" has finally been released this October 2017!


I//M Remix of CHMCL STR8JCKT Coming Soon!

By on May 10, 2018

We’re honored to be included with many great talents including Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip! Check out CHMCL STR8JCKT on Bandcamp!

For more info on the remix album check out the announcement on Facebook!

I//M’s Debut Album Certified Insufficient by Side Line Magazine!

By on May 7, 2018

Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, industrial, electro-rock.

Background/Info: Hailing from Albany (USA) I never heard of Iconoclast Messiah before. I found out that an EP “My Life” was released before this debut album featuring 11 songs.

Content: I didn’t know anything before listening to “Praesagium”, but instantly felt this band was hailing from the USA. There’s a kind of industrial- and electro-rock style, which is quite typical for American artists. The production is somewhat raw and unpolished mixing guitar sounds and electronics. Sometimes a bit bombastic and often supported by dark atmospheres the album is mixing different influences together.

+ + + : I noticed a few melodic passages, which inject some harmony to the work. I prefer the songs with an extra- and explicit electro flavor on top. The most noticeable song appears to be “The Fall” featuring female backing vocals adding an angelic- and emotional touch to the work.

– – – : You can feel this album is more like exorcising early ideas instead of an accomplished production. The songs are suffering from an undermined production process. There’s less difference between verses and choruses.

Conclusion: Just with many other debut albums this band has to gain experience and maturity while moving on to find their own style and improving the global production.

Best songs: “The Fall”, “Easin’it”.

Rate: (5).

Artist: www.facebook.com/iconoclast.messiah

Side Line Review

May 2018

By on May 3, 2018

More remixes coming down the pipeline. I love doing these because it gives me the chance to play with another talent’s creation. Check out the I//M remix of a CHMCL STR8JCKT track coming soon!

“Easin’ It” featured on The Gothic Moose Podcast

By on November 18, 2017

Check out the show here.

The Gothic Moose – Episode 292
Posted on November 17, 2017 by DJ Moose

Please enjoy this episode of The Gothic Moose with a Belle Gueule Lager d’Hiver. This week DJ Moose is joined by DJ Mini Moose.

Intro – 00:00
The Bavarian Electro Gang – Der Bayrische Elektropunker – Da Urlaub Is Vorbei – 00:30
Basszilla – The Vampire of Heidelberg – 03:24
Not Waving – Children Are Our Phuture – Good Luck – 08:15
ANGELSPIT – Sexy Tragic Muse – Black Dog Bite – 13:21

Micro with your hosts DJ Moose and DJ Mini Moose – 17:33

Rare Facture – Where You Reside – Suspension Of The Conscious Mind – 20:00
Zoon Politicon – New Conscience – New Conscience – 24:30
Stars Crusaders – Gemini [Decoded Feedback Remix] – Gemini EP – 29:33
We The North – Nightcall – Unhealing – 34:28

Micro with your hosts DJ Moose and DJ Mini Moose – 38:36

SD-KRTR – Rise (feat. Noemi Aurora) – 39:24
True Logik – Moments – Nural Transmission – 45:49
Xenturion Prime – Milestone – Humanity Plus – 49:03
Wolf and Raven – Vampire Seduction – Cursed – 53:38

Micro with your hosts DJ Moose and DJ Mini Moose -59:18

Stahlnebel & Black Selket – Birth, School, Work, Death – Timeless, Indestructible, Resistant To Therapy – 1:01:33
Adrian H And The Wounds – Special K (Leaether Strip Mix) – 1:07:00
Veta M – New Rave (Original Mix) – FBM Vol. 7 – 1:11:32
Iconoclast Messiah – Easin’ It – Praesagium – 1:17:35

Check these guys out!

By on October 31, 2017

CHMCL STR8JCKT on Bandcamp. Great debut album from a solid Industrial act!