"Praesagium" has finally been released this October 2017!


By on October 21, 2017

You can’t control me so you want to portray how others see me

You live your life, spinning lies, albeit with no compunction
But you don’t know, that there’s a price, to pay for your dysfunction
Burn the bridge, yet building walls, from phantom provocation
A futile exercise, born inside, from ego condemnation
But I know you well, I know the game, teetering on the border
So don’t fool yourself, because you can’t hide, from buried mind disorder
The truth will come to light, despite the cries, of a soul unsound
So let me ask just what you’ll do – When it all breaks down

Your delusion, won’t save you from this hell
Your delusion, despite the tales you tell
Your delusion, blind illusion

You think you can, convince them all, that I’m the devil walking
But tell the truth, I live my life, despite persistent stalking
You press the fight, assured you’re right, a world of pure invention
But your attack, aimed at the back, of those without contention
So what I ask, remove the mask, and live your life at ease
Just take a rest, and let God bless, no cure for your disease
A rising tide, of hate inside, will only make you drown
Yet you plead, no help you need – Until it all breaks down

Your delusion, leads you to the fall
Your delusion, lost in darkened halls
Your delusion, blind confusion