"Praesagium" has finally been released this October 2017!

About Us

By on October 21, 2017

Many have called without report but the clarion trumpets have finally answered in the form of pounding drums, vertiginous synthesizers, thunderous bass, ominous guitars, and guttural vocals telling stories intended to entertain, pontificate, shock, and inspire.

We’re longer satisfied with the current state of Industrial music, or the world, and it’s time for a new era.

Gone are the days of gothic disco perpetrators mewling their woes over trite beats and so the time has come for the old ways to come forth infused with the freshness of the current millennia because their era has rightfully passed.

And that shit is whack.

Iconoclast//Messiah, helmed by Preykonis, is here and gathering strength for the first offensive since the road ahead is riddled with peril. In this new millennia it’s not violence we need to fear but the human mind itself guided by plutocrats using the folly of youth and massive media networks to indoctrinate the masses with regressive motivations.

Know your past and see your future. Music can be a guide to deciphering the madness of what we see around us in these uncertain times. We know where the new traditions took us and it’s the right moment to get back on the more effective path of the old ones before the next cataclysm arrives. Buying our upcoming debut album “Praesagium” is not an investment in Iconoclast//Messiah but rather it’s a stake in striking a hard blow against the corruption intrinsic to the current system of global domination.

We move ever forward while being mindful of the past. So should you. Iconoclast//Messiah has come.